+3 | Alpine Nature

Life in the Alps and its uniqueness
To go from the snowy prairies of northern Europe to the sub-Mediterranean coast of Tuscany within a few kilometres is possible; on the Alps. The Alps, and in particular Trentino, are a vertical mosaic of different environments, populated by perfectly adapted and unique plants and animals.

The “In the labyrinth of alpine biodiversity” gallery proposes an immaginary descent along a mountain path in which 26 different environments, enriched with 2 aquariums, follow one after another, merging and interconnecting.

This evocative exhibit aims to allow the visitor to (re)live the emotions experienced in the wild, such as encountering wild animals, listening to their calls, witnessing an predator in action or spying on courtship rituals. Every room is set out in an intuitive and evocative way, using communication methods ranging from the more traditional stuffed animals, to interactive virtual surface technology.

Adaptations and survival strategies
The big differences in the Alpine seasons make life at certain times of the year especially difficult for plants and animals. The survival strategies and adaptations that have developed are numerous and diverse, with some surprising ways to make the most of favourable periods.

The strong seasonality of alpine environments is used as a link in the discussions devoted to the study of migration, flowering and pollination, life in water and thermoregulation. Natural objects, stuffed animals and replicas, documentaries and video diaries, interactive exhibits and multimedia games all allow you to explore the adaptations related to survival in environments that vary dramatically with the seasons and to understand the underlying physical phenomena.
The gallery consists of 4 thematic units of study.

adaptation to flight and migration.

Alpine plants:
a short summer to flower and produce seeds.

Lakes and streams:
how the lives of aquatic micro-organisms changes with the seasons.

Terrestrial vertebrates:
how to survive at the low temperatures in the mountains.
Exploring with the senses
The “Explore the Forest” gallery is dedicated to the desire for knowledge and the pleasure of discovery. It is a space specially designed for young visitors (4-9 years), to be enjoyed alone, with parents or with the presence of a facilitator. The space aims to allow children to explore the natural world around them through the use of the senses. The overall atmosphere of the room is involving, stimulating children's natural curiosity and facilitating “scientific” discovery.

“Explore the woods!” Contains several exhibits, some of which are interconnected, including an interactive multimedia game (“Catch your dinner”, a battle between predators and their prey, where the aim is to figure out what food to take and how to take it), a series of original natural specimens and replicas which can be handled and observed, measuring instruments, stuffed animals to hold, sounds, smells, lights, and also a number of animal costumes to stimulate symbolic play and simulation. “Explore the woods!” is a real “discovery room”, full of fascinating natural specimens and experiences.