As both economical development and quality of life in terms of social development are strongly associated to environmental quality, the division investigates the geological structure, the land cover and use, and the climate and environmental changes in the territory, in order to define the main components of the alpine landscape, its former geological structure, its past and present transformation and their most relevant driving processes.
The goal is to elaborate an eco-mosaic model where natural living and non-living components interact with the anthropic element associated to traditional land use, diffuse cultural entities, parks, and protected areas. Analyzing the evolution of living organisms through geological time and recording the geological heritage of the territory are a crucial part of our knowledge mission and cultural mandate.

The activities of the division involve 10 collaborators in addition to regular staff.

The division deals with the following five main areas of research.
General geology

Research focuses on the geological and morphological structure of Trentino, ranging from current glaciology to past climate reconstruction. The goal is a better understanding of how modifications of the alpine environment are affected by climate change.
Mineralogy and mining history

This domain analyses those aspects connected to the former mining exploitation of the Province and to the creation of a network among the relevant institutions in the field. The organization of public activities and the creation of a database shared among partner institutions are the first goal of a long-term project.
Cartographic records

This domain performs baseline investigation about stratigraphic research and reconstruction of ancient settings in Trentino. This work backs up the research on modern tools of territorial planning coordinated by the provincial Geological Service.


Studies are aimed at reconstructing the biological events occurred during the Mesozoic in the alpine region, especially concerning vertebrate fossils in the Dolomites.
Environmental geology, nature, landscape, and anthropization

The geology team follows provincial projects aimed at analyzing and promoting the natural components of the territory, also in terms of economic and social consequences.