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An experience which will dazzle, excite, amaze: doing, thinking and living science.
An area for children - because MUSE wants children to be there – which allows them to do what they can do so well: touching, smelling, looking, seeing, and hearing. Maxi Ooh! is a place that allows you to live the experience through your senses, providing new and different opportunities every time.

In its lines and colours, Maxi Ooh! appears to be a neutral place: still, waiting... that is, unless there is someone inside. It does not move unless someone moves, it does not show anything if noone is doing something.
But when children come in, Maxi Ooh! becomes a lively environment of wonder, discovery, and knowledge.

Maxi Ooh! expresses the meaning of who we are inside. Its colours and moves are in dialogue with the thoughts, actions, and gestures of those who inhabit it. It is an experience capable of opening up new horizons for children who always have their eyes open for what is interesting, not taken for granted, rewarding and fun.

Maxi Ooh! suggests but does not require, immediately becoming a place of trust. Each sphere is devoted to a particular sense, although children know how to learn and experiment with everything, body, mind and emotions.
It is a space without directions, where there are no adults teaching, only participating in the amazement.
That is why the Maxi Ooh! audience consists of babults - pairs of children and accompanying adults - that together discover the environment, share experiences and a new way of being together.

Floors, walls, rooms with sensors, the virtual and the real, react and change along with the space and its possible uses. Even the water in the bathroom could move in new ways, as well as change lights and different surfaces that give the skin different sensations, depending on the choices and the curiosity of those who enter.

Within and between the spheres the science game evokes the elements of life, referring to the child's sense of his/herself as creators of unexpected situations. Maxi Ooh! is a pleasant and interesting environment where discoveries are made through the senses, and in the company of others.

Only for children 0-5 years and their parents or carers. For everyone else, sorry you can't join the fun!

The project was carried out with the expert advice of:
Ufficio infanzia del Servizio infanzia e istruzione del primo grado – Dipartimento della Conoscenza – Provincia Autonoma di Trento
Federazione Provinciale Scuole Materne Trento.

Main Sponsor

Science Center
The Hands-on gallery is located on floor 0 of the Science Museum, just after the entrance to the exhibition areas from the lobby. In this area there are a dozen interactive stations devoted to the basic sciences, which involve the visitor in short experiments related to the concepts and principles of physics, mathematics and natural sciences, which can be observed in everyday life.
It is a pleasant and enjoyable experience to visit, but at the same time rigorous and scientifically correct: through playful experimentation the audience can approach sometimes complex scientific concepts while having fun.

You can test yourself at keeping your balance, reproduce a sound with your voice or listen to music with your teeth. Then you can find out how to keep a spacecraft on course and why there are cyclones and anticyclones on Earth. Approach the mysteries of light and optical illusions, get to know space and time, use a computer with only your eyes!