RISK inSight

Vivere con il rischio è veramente una catastrofe?

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Risks are part of our society and our life. The exhibition Risk inSight asks a provocative question: “Is it really a catastrophe to live with the risk?”. By considering natural, industrial, technological, health and social risks, the exhibition aims to inform about risks and promote a "culture of prevention", so that risks don't turn into disasters.
From the 1st of October to the 29th of November, the exhibition Risk inSight at MUSE illustrates the different approaches to risks.

We face risky situations every day, sometimes even without being aware of it or - even worse - we believe they only involve other people. Risks are part of our society, and because of that the most significant ones are overseen and manned by institutions, researchers and operators, people who are constantly working to ensure our safety. There are, though, some events that cannot be foreseen and there are moments when the risk catches us unprepared. Are these situations going to evolve into an indisputable catastrophe? How can we identify the weaknesses, the dangers and the vulnerabilities of the territory we live in? How can we elaborate a correct prevention policy? How can we defend ourselves?
Between indifference and panic, zero risk and disaster, the exhibition provocatively asks a question: is it really a catastrophe to live with the risk?
Even if risk and disaster are not the same, these two concepts are frequently assimilated, if not confused. How can we think about what has not happened yet, but scares us?
The exhibition at MUSE offers an innovative interpretation to understand natural, industrial, technological, health and social risks taking into account science, art and society.

Thanks to art installations, multimedia contents, models and traditional exhibition panels, the exhibition takes on four main issues: the identification of risks, their distribution on the territory, the debates raised by them and the ways to live with them.

01.10.2016 - 29.11.2016
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