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From June 14 to September 7, 2014 more than 50 paintings made by the artist Maurizio Boscheri will be shown at the MUSE Science Museum.
The temporary exhibition BioDiversitArt will lead the visitors through a presentation of our planet's biodiversity from an aesthetic and scientific point of view.

This exhibition is considered as an important step in the in-depth analysis of the relationship between science and art.
Concretely, some scientific ideas connected with the paintings will help the visitors in discussing living beings’ varieties - in fact, they represent an unusual method to comprehend animal life.

The exhibition and the catalogue – by curator Mario Liberali – include oil paintings, mix-media and retouches. Visitors will be able to admire some typical animals living in Bhutan’s forests, lemurs from Madagascar, jaguars and birds of paradise, the African coloured turacos, the huge king cobra and the rainforest of Sinharaja in Sri Lanka. Moreover, some autochthon species will be shown, such as black grouses, kingfishers, gray wolves and an incredible sunrise on the Alps with some deers in the background.

The countless varieties of the living beings present all over the world inspire the artist and push him in painting.
The critic Giorgia Cassini specifies: Among the paintings, “Sengi rainforest” is a reward to the research biologists of MUSE after the discovering in 2008 of a new species: it illustrates two grey-faced sengis – Sengi in Swahili – living in the rainforests in Southern Tanzania.

Creative, expressive, smart: Maurizio Boscheri’s paintings are samples of exotic inspiration connected with an oriental style.

The catalogue

A catalogue describes each painting with a comment by the artist, a scientific explanation of the represented species by MUSE and an incisive text by Giorgia Cassini, artistic director of the Italian section of the Venice Biennale in 2012 and curator of other Boscheri’s exhibitions.

In September a musical event connected with the exhibition will be organized.


BioDiversitArt opens on June 13 2014 at 6pm



​Maurizio Boscheri


Mario Liberali
Osvaldo Negra

Organization and realization
MUSE | Museo delle Scienze

Michele Lanzinger

Coordination & organization MUSE
Osvaldo Negra
Alessandra Tomasi

Installation coordinator MUSE
Alessandra Tomasi

Loris Berardi
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Materials and installation MUSE
Enrico Betti
Paolo Bonvecchio
Matteo Perini
Francesco Rigobello
Karol Tabarelli de Fatis
Gianluca Valle

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Elisa Tessaro

Chiara Veronesi
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Massimo Eder

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From 14 giugno 2014
To 8 settembre 2014
Tue-Fri: 10.00 - 18.00
Sat-Sun: 10.00 - 19.00
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