EX AFRICA - Explorations in art and science by Jonathan Kingdon

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The works of Jonathan Kingdon - prominent scientist and expert of African fauna and Illustrator - are shown in the exhibition "EX AFRICA Explorations in Art and Science by Jonathan Kingdon" from July 19, 2015 to January, 10 2016 at MUSE Science Museum. The temporary exhibition brings together drawings, paintings, sculptures and other works, which show a surprising scientific and artistic path through the evolution and diversity of African fauna.

Special guest
during the official opening of the exhibition on July 18 at 18.30 is Richard Dawkins, world-renowned evolutionary biologist, essayist and science writer.

The images of African wildlife by Jonathan Kingdon fit into the tradition of anatomical drawings, that finds its origins in Leonardo da Vinci.
The exhibition is designed by the team of MUSE and is divided into three sections: 1. What is a mammal 2. Evolution as a source of inspiration 3. In the eyes of the beholder.

The various parts of the exhibition wander from the European tradition of anatomical drawings with the illustrations of African Mammals (Section 1), to the more abstract forms of expression in that part of the exhibition, which is dedicated to the biological evolution (2), to the visual signals of animal communication (3).
Overall, more than 50 works will be exhibited: drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations, which hang down from the ceiling. In the center of the exhibition space "Maternità dei mammiferi" (maternity in mammals), a two-meter high statue that glorifies motherhood as a common biological characteristic of all mammals.
The close connection between the contents of the exhibition and the activities of MUSE in its own research station in Africa is highlighted through the tropical greenhouse of the museum (right next to the temporary exhibition), in which the habitat of the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania is simulated. Here some of the animals shown by Kingdon actually live and here the MUSE has done research for over 10 years.

Jonathan Kingdon was born in Tanzania. He is a scientist at Oxford University, scientific author and artist. His research focus is the African mammal fauna, about which he has written several books. The proximity to the African continent, especially to Tanzania where the MUSE carries out researches, was one of the reasons for the approach of the artist to the museum.

Richard Dawkins is a British ethologist, biologist, science writer, essayist and activist. He can be considered one of the most important representatives of the "New Atheism" and the neo-Darwinism today.
He is the author of bestsellers such as "The Selfish Gene", "The Blind Watchmaker", "Climbing Mount Improbable" and the recent "The Magic of Reality".

​Conception / ​Francesco Rovero 
Curators / Osvaldo Negra, Alessandra Pallaveri, Francesco Rovero 
General Supervision / Michele Lanzinger 

MUSE exhibit coordination /  Alessandra Tomasi

/ Jonathan Kingdon, Francesco Rovero
Translations / Alessandra Pallaveri, Claudia Barelli, Francesco Rovero
Exhibit graphic design / designfabrik 
Exhibit setting / Arteam, Officina Filippi, Winsport, Zanettin  

MUSE Communication /  Loris Berardi, Chiara Rinaldi, Elisa Tessaro, Chiara Veronesi, Monika Vettori 
Communication graphic design /  BigFive 

Administration MUSE / Massimo Eder 
Public events and educational activities coordination MUSE / Samuela Caliari 

Acknowledgements / Sabina Barcucci, Enrico Betti, Susan Braatz, Jane Buck, Rina Culora, Tiziana Dallapè, Riccardo Giovanelli, Sally James, Rungwe Kingdon, Zuleika Kingdon, Claudio Marconi, Franco Modena, Marino Moretti, David Price-Goodfellow, Redmond O'Hanlon, Francesco Papi, Matteo Perini, Fabio Pupin, Matt Ridley, Laura Snook, Gianluca Valle, Giorgio Vallortigara, Renzo Vicentini, Servizio Sostegno Occupazionale e Valorizzazione Ambientale P.A.T. 

A special thank to / Richard Dawkins, Gallery Pangolin (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom) 

Author's acknowledgments / Patricia Barr, Susan Braatz, Martin Briggs-Watson, Jane Buck, Dawn Burnham, Tim Davenport and Daniela DeLuca, Russel Friedman, Robert Glen, Sally James, Lindswy Jones, Rungwe Kingdon (and all of the founders at Gallery Pangolin who worked on the sculptures in this exhibition), Zuleika Kingdon, Claude Koenig, David MacDonald, Marino Moretti, Redmond O'Hanlon, David Price-Goodfellow, Nigel Redman, Matt Ridley, Leslie Scott, Laura Snook, Fritz Volrath​
From 16 luglio 2015
To 8 gennaio 2016
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