Extinction, or rather life after death.

Brunivo Buttarelli, the solo exhibit

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The solo exhibition of the artist Brunivo Buttarelli, curated by Marzio Dall’Acqua, is displayed in the park surrounding the MUSE and inside Le Albere district. The solo show interacts with both the structure and content of the museum, offering an alternative viewpoint on the current exhibition “Extinctions. Stories of catastrophes and other opportunities.”

The initiative is part of the project “MUSE en plein air”, which is a route into the green areas of the neighbourhood, where you can discover the works of various artists who have confronted themselves with the language of sculpture.
The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th 2016 at 5.00 p.m, when Buttarelli’s sculptural project will be presented.

Painter and sculptor, scenographer and restorer, but also a prehistoric archaeologist, Brunivo Buttarelli has always nurtured an interest in geology and archaeology, and his works now occupy the outside areas of the museum, in order to offer an artistic equivalent of the exhibition “Extinctions. Stories of catastrophes and other opportunities.”.
The numerous works of art surrounding the MUSE relate to the topic of the current exhibition about mass-extinction ages and the responsibility of mankind towards the life of other living beings, as well as the survival of their own species.

The artist
Brunivo Buttarelli was born in 1946 in Casalmaggiore (CR), where he lives and works. He graduated in 1968 at “P. Toschi” High School, where he was appointed to the Chair of Mural Painting Techniques from 1971 to 1990. Over these years, he mainly worked as restorer of mural paintings and frescoes and he dedicated much of his time to studying and discovering archaeology. He collaborates with the MUSE in the realization of stratigraphies, planimetries, and projects for numerous archaeological sites in Northern Italy. From 1986 to 1991 he worked as a painter, scenographer and sculptor at the Regio Theatre of Parma. In 1990 he interrupts his educational activity to focus on his researches on sculpture, which were facilitated by his previous experiences and studies. He actively took part to numerous national and international conventions and symposiums, and many of his works are exposed in museums nowadays.
​A cura di: Brunivo Buttarelli  - MUSE - Museo delle Scienze - Trento

Ideazione: Brunivo Buttarelli

Supervisione generale: Michele Lanzinger 

Progetto allestimento: Brunivo Buttarelli 

Coordinamento allestimenti: MUSE - Alessandra Tomasi

Comunicazione: Loris Berardi, Chiara Veronesi, Elisa Tessaro, Monika Vettori e Serena Morelli

Assicurazione: Axa Art

Ringraziamenti: Servizio Sostegno Occupazionale e Valorizzazione Ambientale P.A.T, Roberto Leonardelli - Comune di Trento, Elena Zendron – QSA srl.
Tutti i tecnici del museo, a vario titolo, hanno risolto le necessità che una mostra comporta. 
Every day: MUSE park and Le Albere district
Every day in the park surrounding the MUSE and Le Albere district
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