The Monumental Plant Sculptures by Beth Moon and Federica Galli

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Two artists and two distinct means of expression: black-and-white photography and the use of etching techniques describe the formal beauty and the power of the “monumental” trees.
Exhibition opening on Friday the 16th of December, 2016, at 5.30 p.m.

The exhibition “Arborea. The Monumental Plant Sculptures by Beth Moon and Federica Galli.” is presented at the MUSE from December 16, 2016 to February 12, 2017. It collects over thirty iconographic works, portraying huge trees, which are described as “monumental” not only because of their remarkable dimensions, but also due to their age, their poise and shape, their botanical rarity, and their ability to characterize a particular place, connecting it with history, art and culture.

The use of black-and-white in  photographs and the linearity of the brush strokes emphasize the formal beauty of these individuals that grow out of plants. Despite the diversity of the expressive means, the two artists seem to be both motivated by the same question “How to communicate the power of nature and its huge aesthetic value?” The concepts of time, memory and nature are at the center of their artistic mindset.
From 16 dicembre 2016
To 12 febbraio 2017
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