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  • Hans Rosling, Gapminder creator, introduces the application
If you are interested in the project, here is a preview of the Gapminder School material and any information or indication of resources and educational materials.

What is Gapminder
Gapminder is a Swedish Foundation directed by Hans Rosling, a statistician who wishes to promote the use of statistical data in school teaching.

Among its most successful initiatives is the realization of a freely available application (Gapminder World), which can also be used online, designed for use in classes and allowing the display of statistical data. Gapminder World has a very clear interface that is well-suited for use by students.
It allows including various kinds of statistical parameters of world countries and see their evolution over time. For instance, you can examine the relationship between the evolution of the wealth of Nations and the CO2 emissions, or between infant mortality and per capita income. Or the evolution of the world's production of energy from renewable sources.

It is a very flexible and accessible basic tool to address (or even just introduce) topics concerning global development starting from numerical evidence. That's why Gapminder's motto is "for a world view based on facts".

The Gapminder Foundation has won numerous international awards. The software and the team of people who have realized it were acquired by Google in 2007. Hans Rosling 2013 has been one of the key speakers at the Conference presentation of the 5th report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change of the United Nations) in September 2013
What the project does
The main purpose of the project is to test a new unit created by Gapminder Foundation, translated into Italian by MUSE and available only in a restricted web area.

The activity is called "Population of world regions" and develops the topic of world population growth projections up to 2100 and their distribution by geographical area. You can play in the classroom without computers, just with paper and pencil.
The didactic units must be analyzed in the classroom (for a maximum of two lesson hours) and provide all the necessary materials for teachers.
The lecturer is then invited to share its views on the effectiveness of teaching units, by answering some questions (in Italian or English) posted on an online form.
MUSE also provides academic counseling, and/or at a distance, in order to facilitate the work of teachers.
The Gapminder Foundation translated some educational activities in Italian using the software Gapminder World. These have been published on the website of the service-CLEEN.
Gapminder - February 7th 2014
Friday, February 7th 2014 MUSE hosted the Gapminder Day. Swedish authors of Gapminder Foundation (Anna Rosling-Ronnlund and Julia Bachelor) have premiered "Gapminder School", the new and powerful free tool aimed at schools and that will be made publicly available during 2014. The day was organized in conjunction with the Ahref Foundation.

Later in the day also the President of MUSE Marco Andreatta, Luca De Biase from Ahref Foundation, Vmo78, Alessio Cimarelli from and Maurizio Napolitano of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (Trento) attended.