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Sky Islands postpones the departure
Due to situations of unsafety, the biological exploration in Mozambique forests is deferred. 
The persistence of unsafe conditions in the areas covered by the mission forces the Sky Islands team to postpone the expedition, scheduled for November and December 2013.

The situation in the territory
After twenty years of peace, ahead of the local elections of November 20th, outbreaks of conflict between Government forces and the opposition have occurred in recent months. At first the clashes occurred in the South of the country, far from the places of the expedition, but subsequently, in view of the elections, they extended to other Central and Northern provinces.
After the first incident, and following a series of abductions of foreign residents in the country, European embassies have urged travelers​ to avoid the country, and then withdrew the alarm following the resumption of dialogue between the opposing political forces and a general improvement of security conditions.

Faced with this situation, the Sky Islands team has constantly monitored the situation, and the first step was to postpone departure, originally set for November 17th, then November 28th - a week after the elections - in the hope that the situation would be resolved and the safety situation for the members of the expedition would be guaranteed.
Apparently, the November 20th elections took place in a relative calm and the weather team, encouraged by this news, has completed the preparations for departure, sending the last on-site materials and receiving visas these days.
To obtain real news from Mozambique, two members of the team – already in Tanzania to finalize preparations for the departure – have decided to travel to Mozambique, in the city of Pemba, to meet the Mozambican team researcher of Sky Islands and make sure shipping would be safe.

Unfortunately, the report proved incompatible with minimal security conditions for the expedition members, at least at this stage.
According to the warnings given, armed gangs of common criminals, not linked to the political confrontation, are responsible of numerous attacks on cars and people in the areas of expertise of the mission these days. These gangs use the main mountain forests, where searches would be necessary, as a shelter, and although the authorities are trying to stop these groups, and some have already been caught, there is no reliable information about groups still in action, nor on their consistency, nor on their actual location.
The decision of the Sky Islands is unfortunately unavoidable at this point.
The Mission should be postponed.


The research team needs to explore the forests at the beginning of the rainy season, which in the North of Mozambique occurs approximately to November-December. This is because amphibians and reptiles (animal groups on the research focuses), and in general the whole fauna, become active in conjunction of the rains, when the whole forest is in the midst of its life cycle. This means that it is not possible at the moment to provide a delay within the year, since there are no short-term guarantees on safety in the study area. The mission is therefore postponed until the next season.

The funds raised and sponsors

All funds raised by the team through public support have exceeded the $25,000 were largely spent on equipment and the preparation of the expedition. These will be accounted for on site and on time. Inventories will be blocked on the account of the Association "Friends of Sky Islands", which supported and organized the fundraising campaign for the whole team and the Association will guarantee for and look after the equipment, materials and funds raised.
The prizes for the supporters of the project through the crowdfunding platform campaign Indiegogo, remain a commitment contract that will be honored.


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