Fashionable-fashion of 2020 between art, science and creativity

The KiiCS project
Incubation in Innovation and Knowledge Creation for Science
KiiCS is a three-year project, funded by the European Union, designed to increase young people's interest in science through the union of art, science and technology and with the support of the business world.

MUSE participates together with the Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle (CCSTI) in Grenoble and the Redit AG Science Center of Pilsen with the FASHIONABLE.

Young people involved in the various phases of the project will imagine the fashion of 2020. Head production will take place in cooperation with Centromoda Canossa, one of the main brands in the industry.

The project has three phases:

1. Fashion Mood contest, which will select the Mood inspiring the collection.
2. Fashion Draw contest, which will select the figure.
3. Garment of the future production, in which the head is produced.
Printed FabLab dress goes to Maxxi
Last November, a MUSE FabLab project took part to the exhibition event “Science Art & Innovation for Society", held at MAXXI in Rome for the closure of the European semester. 

The exhibition focused on the pilot projects “Art and Innovation”, offering a strong experience-based and interactive approach and including projects stemming from different languages and forms of artistic expression.

Among the presented works, the 3D dress designed and printed by MUSE FabLab and Canossa Fashion center, realized within the KiiCS project, stood out. The Minister Dario Franceschini and the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas visited the exhibition and showed appreciation for its originality.

The KiiCS project aims at fostering development of innovative ideas in the young, through the promotion of scientific, technological and artistic culture in synergy with local businesses, and ended in June 2014. The so-called "Fashionable" actions of the project in Trento concerned the world of fashion and saw an unprecedented cooperation between MUSE and Canossa Fashion Center.

At a European level they could count on the collaborations with the science centers La Casemate, Grenoble, and Techmania in Pilsen. The scope of the project, shared by the three partners - French, Czech and from Trentino - was developing technological and dresses realized with particular avant-garde materials, so to "wear innovation" i.e. integrate technology in everyday life.

In "Fashionable", the results of an online contest gave rise to a 3D project and created new skills both in students and teachers. KiiCS allowed MUSE to set up a project based on a strong cooperation with the staff of professional schools. Thanks to this cooperation, students could express their creativity and let their peers assess the results.

The added value for MUSE was positively involving students of professional schools, giving them the opportunity to be in first line in this project. At the same time, students felt flattered to work with MUSE, improving their reputation with their peers, approaching 3D design and production processes.
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