MUSE Fablab

Digital workshop where you can do (almost) everything

The MUSE Fablab is a digital fabrication lab, housed in the Science Museum of Trento, and devoted to the dissemination of the culture of “doing” with the aim of fostering community, innovation and sharing. Following the example of Neil Gershenfeld's Fab Lab, MUSE Fablab has a complete set of tools for digital manufacturing (3D printing, CNC milling machines, vinyl cutting machines, a laser cutter...), as well as a location for processing electronics, a wall unit for “analogue” processing and a small library of essays and manuals relating to the world of “making”.

The workshop is open to individuals and for partnerships with non-profit organisations. Special programs are offered for the private sector. A special attention is paid to schools, particularly vocational schools, but we will do our best to get the grammar school boys to get their hands dirty too. Finally, workshops are planned for children (5-10 years), introducing them to the digital “do-it-yourself”, through fun and innovative instruments such as, for example, “little bits”, or even the good old pencil. The MUSE Fablab is included in the international network of Fab Labs, and has been developed with the contribution of Fondazione Cassa Rurale di Trento and the European “SEE Science” project.