Time of the wolf - Exhibition opening

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“I like the wolf, but he scares me a little bit too. He eats little pigs, the granny and Little Red Riding Hood. He has got big pointed teeth…” tells little Magherita, one of the characters that leads visitors through the discovery of the exhibition “TEMPO DI LUPI” (TIME OF THE WOLF. The story of a return).
From December 20 to March 1, the travelling exhibition hosted by MUSE will describe and illustrate the wolf starting from six characters and their personal, emotional point of view through interactive exhibits, historical and actual items.

Inauguration programme

4.30 pm – 5.15 pm
Conference room
Officials speeches
Cartoons by painter Rudi Patauner

5.15 pm – 7 pm
Big and Little Void
Presentation of the drawing contest  ‘‘The wolf …what I think’’
Cartoons about “Time of the wolf” by Rudi Patauner
"Skull, paws and teeth" workshop for children and adults (in Italian)

The exhibition

European Project LIFE WOLFALPS Website

20 dicembre 2014
4.30 pm
For whom
Free entry