Museum with backpack

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Visit the museum as a real explorer! An engaging experience that teaches you how to observe the world through the eyes of a scientist.Binoculars, a travel journal, a case with coloured pencils, a tape measure and a magnifying glass, all contained in an eye-catching backpack... and the exploration can begin!

“Museum with a backpack” provides families with children aged 6 to 10 with an engaging tour of the MUSE exhibition rooms.Inside their backpacks young visitors will find a travel guide, with puzzles and games, with which to explore the museum and investigate the main exhibits on the various floors in a way that stimulates imagination, creativity and a desire to experiment.

The backpack can be requested at the MUSE ticket desk (in English or German) during museum opening times and must be returned at the end of the visit. Maximum duration of 'backpack' visit: 3 hours.Young explorers may only keep the free travel journal.
The fee is €5.00 plus the price of the entry ticket.
Museum opening times
Museum opening times
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The fee is €5.00 plus the price of the entry ticket