Forest Frame. The forest between dream and reality

Exhibition by Maurizio Galimberti

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Against the background of the new function of the exhibition space at Palazzo delle Albere, which opens an interdisciplinary dialogue between science, philosophy and art, the MUSE presents the inaugural temporary exhibition by an internationally acclaimed photographer that explores the relationship between man and nature. Curated by Beatrice Mosca, the exhibition is an exciting journey into a Trentino suspended between dream and reality. 
Photographer Maurizio Galimberti (Como, 1956) loses his way in the forests of Trentino, amid trees that smell of “good wood” and tell about a fragile landscape. Trees torn by the fury of the storm. Trees that evoke the ancient magnificence of the forest.

Regarding his journey in the woods he says: "Everything is dreamlike, everything is slow, everything is just there, waiting for the observing eye. Fairy-tale mountains multiply in my images. I’m a surrealist, a photographer, a painter, a sculptor. My photography is a small mosaic, a single double click. I work to raise the bar, always at the edge of photography, like that photography so dear to Luigi Ghirri. Everything takes place within my journeying in Trentino. Trentino, you are divine, you awaken my emotions, you write of timeless impressions... my Mother’s voice echoes in the forest like a caress and I wish it would never end". 
“A metamorphosis that encourages our glance forward, photo after photo, in a skilful game of reversals, recompositions, fragments and details. Men, beasts, things: they vanish in this great visual mosaic. Through lack, this ever-changing nature reveals our human side, our soul. A language found only in poetry literally explodes between dream and reality: the photos are like words, accurate, leaving nothing to chance, evoking an image that reveals the spell and secret of beauty”, writes curator Beatrice Mosca

Palazzo delle Albere
from 19 January to 16 May 2021
from Tuesday to Friday 10am - 18pm
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Free entry