SEE Science Festival-Making science for a good life

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The fourth edition of the Festival See Science arrives in Italy for the first time to MUSE.

The Festival is organized by the project SEE (South East Europe) Science and is for students, teachers and all those who are involved in the popularization of science.
The project aims to increase the public awareness of the importance of the natural sciences, technology and innovation as keys to economic development.

Making science ... for a good life, "do" science to have a quality life: this year's theme will be presented according to five themes that match business, scientific, science show performances, workshops and animation. Here are the themes: health and wellness, sustainability, science is fun, do it yourself, m aking science research.

A side programme of artistic installations (Macro/Città della Scienza in Naples ...) will be the ideal stage for the day, while cartoonists Zap and Ida rejoice at the lobby of the Museum with their irreverent cartoons.
With: MUSE – Museum of science, See Science team, phosphorus (Senigallia) – Alessandro Gnucci and Mattia Crivellini, Pietro Olla (Sardinia), the Pleiades (Padua), APPA-Provincial Agency for environmental prevention.

21 febbraio 2014
from 10.00 to 18.00
For whom
Free admission