The sponsorship is being updated, many opportunities are still available for any partner who desire to take part in this international event.
Autonomous Province of Trento
National Research Council-Institute of Ecosystem Study (CNR-ISE)
Italian Entomological Society (SEI)
Adamello Brenta Natural Park
Stelvio National Park - Trentino​
Institutional sponsors
Natural History Museum of Verona
Private Sponsors
Zobele Group

The Zobele Group’s strategy is based on innovation, product development and manufacturing, the preferred business partner for leading household, health and personal care brands, providing innovative and cost-effective product solutions. The Zobele Group’s Social Responsibility Policy is a pillar of group sustainability.

Ferrari Winery

​Ferrari Winery is famous for its sparkling wine – It was the “Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year” for The Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships 2015. This and other awards add themselves to the many prestigious accolades that confirm the extraordinary vocation of the Trentino region and its mountain viticulture.


​Guidati offers tailored routes suitable for all types of visitors to Trentino Alto Adige, showing them around fascinating local sites with special focus put on to local culture, traditional crafts and genuine produce from the land.

Inbike Valsugana
Rental and Guided Excursions

Let us guide you to discover our territory by expert guides that will let you know the most beautiful corners of Trentino.

Fondazione Cogeme

The Onlus Cogeme Foundation declines its activities and themes in different areas, from the socio-cultural to the solidarity, and finally facilitates virtuous processes of territorial governance. Everything is always in the spirit of environmental and social sustainability.

Fondo Prognoi di Tinazzi Laura

Fondo Prognoi is a small farm located in the hills surrounding Verona. We produce typical wines like Valpolicella and fruit jam with low enviromental impact methods .
All of our products are certified as " friends of biodiversity ".

Matteo Lencioni

​The logo was designed by Matteo Lencioni to represent and emphasize 20th International Symposium on Chironomidae. Colour and symbol used in the logo has distinctive meanings.

Matteo Lencioni is an Italian architect and artist living in Barcelona.


​BigFive is a young communication agency based in Monza (Italy). We follow the communication process for different types of companies, from start-up to big companies, public and private clients. From 2012 we create a network of experienced employees, motivated by passion and guided by the experience. The BigFive team consists of: art, web-art director, web designer, copywriter and project managers, directors, photographers, illustrators, programmers, translators and printers.

BIGFive offers a financial support for the best oral or poster presentation by a student or an early career chironomidologist (not hired and with maximum 1 year of postdoctoral experience), in any case under 30 years old (at the time of the congress). An evaluation Committee and a delegate of BIGFive team will manage the competition during the Symposium. The winner will receive a check for 500 Euros.

In collaboration with

PAGEPress is an Open Access scientific publisher run by a team that has been developing services for the international scientific community since 1992. It believes that the interests of the scientific community can best be served by an immediate, worldwide, unlimited, open access to the full text of research articles.

Travel agency "Viaggi Bolgia"
REDO Upcycling

​“Doing things better is also doing with less while involving and respecting everybody. This means that we work to feel good, to feel that we belong to a community. We value everyone’s contribution and consider entrepreneurship as a distinctive human attribute.”

At “REDO Upcycling” we are artisans of creative recycling, we give new life to waste and discarded by-products. For our sustainable production we use advertising banners, sanitary tools, screws and bolts, wheels and chairs, sandal strings, fabric for couches…everything fits in!

The “REDO Upcycling” brand was created by the social cooperative ALPI.


The uniqueness of ALISEA lies in the ability to make the "reuse" and "recycling" of materials its creative and productive key to operate. All ALISEA’s objects are made with materials from recovery and recycling, resulting either from post-processing or differentiated waste collection or wastes of the industrial process, according to parameters of eco-sustainability. Some of them have obtained the "ReMade in Italy" mark – the first certification of products and materials derived from recycling and reuse - which guarantees the traceability of the materials used (short chain) and the fact that the entire production process takes place in Italy (100% Made in Italy).

Prime Rose

Prime Rose, quality excellence for business meetings: Breakfast, coffee break, lunch, cocktails, dinner.


TATA APP - the nanny trustworthy, competent and thoughtful
, is the social service of the Project 92 cooperative for the care of your children, who can spend hours of play and fun with qualified personnel (English/Spanish speaking).

“Progetto 92” is a social cooperative offering social and educational services on behalf of children, youth and families.


A social cooperative for an eco-and social-sustainable catering. “Infusione” that works with people in need or at social risk, in compliance with precise values, such as the centrality and dignity of the person, respect for diversity, solidarity, ethics, respect for the natural and human environment, and promoting the employment of disadvantaged people. able to convey the culture of fair, ethical, sustainable and “kilometer zero”.

Teatro Necessario

Teatro Necessario was founded in 2001 in Colorno (Parma, Italy) by artists with a versatile profile, characterized by different formative experiences in theatre, music and contemporary circus, united by a common poetic purpose. Its shows are staged in the most important international contemporary circus festivals, in comedy and contemporary theatre seasons. The company has received numerous awards in Italy and abroad, both in circus and theatre fields. Since 2006 Teatro Necessario has also been working in the artistic direction and production of contemporary circus and open air theatre festivals.