Opportunities and Corporate services

MUSE is a dream come true thanks to an important public investment on culture, in a new structure and its contents, with the primary goal to spread scientific culture and also generate an important financial inflow for the city of Trento. A surplus value - a philosophy allowing MUSE to open up to society and tangibly represent the chance to start collaborations between public and private, in a shared, solid value-based logic.

Collaborations with companies are offered in the framework of corporate membership i.e. actions designed to create a collaborative network of external subject, while at the same time proposing MUSE as an advocate for the cultural development of the territory. Therefore, MUSE offers a wide range of opportunities for business, with many benefits, from visibility to the possibility of planning company events, reserved visits, exclusive dinners in the Museum spaces such as the lobby, the conference hall and the panoramic terrace.

Company can experience the Museum all-round, considering it a unique partner within the local offer. The enthusiastic and generous support received by a number of companies testifies the acknowledgement of the Museum as an excellence institution in the field of territorial innovation and thus worthy of financial support.

Sharing values such as scientific progress, technological innovation and environmental sustainability, as well as a commitment to scientific and cultural divulgation among the general public and, finally, the activities of continuing education in favor of schools, permits MUSE partners to be also in first line in an important cultural challenge.