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MUSE is a credited agency for the voluntary​​​ Civil Service of people aged 18 to 28, regulated by the national law and managed by the Autonomous Province of Trento.​

Information and subscription procedure
You can access the voluntary Civil Service if:
- You are between 18 and 28 years old (28 years and 364 days)
- You have no criminal records
- You possess all the requirements indicated in the announcement. 

These projects are periodically announced and those interested in civil service can select the project of their concern. Once the project is identified, the candidate directly applies to the proposing agency. The weekly commitment is about 30 hours on 5 or 6 days a week.

Here are the advantages:
- a net monthly salary of €433,80;
- the possibility to approach an organizational environment and test your attitudes;
- a general training on civil service and a specific experience on the field of the project;
- non-financial incentives and credits (internship, course credits, board).

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Subscribe by June 20th 2016

Subscriptions are open until June 20th 2016 for universal provincial Civil Service Projects for candidates aged between 18 and 28.
MUSE is part of the extraordinary announcement SCUP PAT – 2016_2S with one project starting from July 1st 2016.

The selected candidate will receive €433.80 per month.

The application must be delivered to MUSE by Monday, June 20th 2016. Selections are taking place on Tuesday​, June 21st 2016 and will include an interview at 
MUSE Science Museum - Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3. 


  1. ​enroll in the universal provincial Civil Service applying to the Civil Service office by filling the subscription form including a valid ID copy. It is possible to apply via mail, email or hand it in. The enrolment has a 1-year duration and can be renewed. This link ( contains the detailed enrolment procedure.

  2. Fill the Project Application Form. You can indicate a maximum of two projects in order of preference..

  3. Deliver the Project Application From, including a valid ID copy, indicating the two options, to MUSE and the other agency, unless the two projects are offered by the same agency. It is also possible to opt for only one project.
The applications must be directly addressed to the proposing agencies.

The project application forms can be delivered to the proposing agencies in the following ways:
- Direct delivery. In case of double preference it is necessary to deliver both original forms to the first agency. The proposing agency will check that the forms are identical and will affix a confirmation stamp.​​ It will then be possible to deliver the second form to the second proposing agency.
- Mail delivery. In case of double preference the forms will have to be sent to the two proposing agencies separately. The applicant will be responsible for checking that the two forms are identical, otherwise the application will be considered invalid.
- Email. In case of double preference, it will be necessary to send one email with the addresses of both proposing agencies. 

For information about the procedure, please contact the Civil Service office of the Autonomous Province of Trento:
0461 493413 - 0461 ​493100 -​